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I USED TO LOVE THAT GAME | Sunday November 11, 2012 by Milouse

Xbox 360 bug warning

If you use Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) on Xbox 360, please be carefull if you want to use two different X360 profile with it: today, after i've switched from my main profile to a scondary one (in order to be able to check some Security Gates position on a fresh and clean map), i've switch back to my main profile (with only the every events won achievement to go): bad surprise, all the (almost null) advancement of the secondary profile replaced the complete one of my main profile! Everything but SP score has gone, including access to all cars. I don't understand how Criterion handle memory when it reset the game (which occurs on profile swap), but they seriously need to check the process... It was my second profile swap, the first one did go well.
SITE UPDATE | Saturday November 10, 2012 by Milouse

Cars database added

You'll find a new section on : the car database. You can see and compare all cars stats there.
FIRST! | Saturday November 03, 2012 by Milouse

Welcome on the new "my" racing website and started small, with one or two section, and have now became large reference databases for those game franchises. With the release of the new Need for Speed Most Wanted game, i did feel the need to bring such services to players. My goal has not changed: try to enhance our game experience. With the new Need for Speed Most Wanted from Criterion, we can enjoy one of the best map design a game have to offer, whatever genre we consider. This is why, for all Most Wanted 2012 explorer, start with a scrollable, editable, and "checkable" map. This is the only section available here right now. If you already have a (free) account set on or, you can connect with it here too ;-)

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